Practical Hands-on Dental Implant Training

Our dental implant training program is designed to get you comfortable with placing dental implants in your own practice and then to help expand your skills in implant dentistry. Using a practical, step-by-step approach, you will start with the basics of implantology and build on these skills with each sequential level or training. 

You’ll start by placing dental implants and performing bone graf procedures on pig jaws in the first class, then we can proceed with live patient surgery. With our experienced implant clinicians guiding you, you will perform the all the surgeries yourself. 

After taking our courses, stay connected with our network after the course to share impalnt cases, tips, and ideas with other clinicians. 

Our classes are taught in San Francisco, California and Stockton, California. 

Level 1: Dental Implant Fundamentals

Tuition: $690 – 8 CE Credits                              

This is an all-day class in which you will become comfortable with the fundamentals in implantology. We will go over in detail how to avoid potential risks as well as how to manage failing implants. Half day is committed to practice placing implants and bone grafting on pig jaws. You will get the opportunity to try out different dental implant tools and grafting accessories including bone harvesters, bone tacks, screws, and membrane. 
We also walk you through the process of digitally creating your own dental implant guides using Bluesky Bio software and sending them to be 3D printed. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start using surgical guides in your practice. 

Top reasons to attend this course:

  • Learn good case selection leading to high success rates
  • Understand how to keep occlusion & cement from destroying your implants
  • Learn and apply tricks to maintaining better bone levels around implants
  • Learn how to use 3D printed surgical guides
  • Understand how to decide when you should immediately load an implant
  • Practice immediate temporization
  • Learn an algorithm for managing failing implants
  • Play with some awesome implant tools that will save you time and hassle

Reviews from our students:

Level 2: Clinical Implant Experience


Tuition: $2,500 – 10 CE Credits

The Implant Clinical Experience is a full day in which you will be provided patients for implant placement. We will review and discuss possible treatment plans for the patients and thoroughly discuss the surgical protocol. Then, we will sit with you chairside and guide you as you place the implants. You can expect to see 2-3 patients on this day. If the patient needs it, you may perform bone graft along with implant placement.

*The Implants Basic Course is a prerequisite to the Clinical Day. 

Top reasons to attend this course:

  • Gain practical hands-on experience with live patients in a safe environment
  • Gain proficiency in treatment planning and executing the treatment
  • Learn from your own surgery and that of the other students
  • Receive chairside coaching throughout your procedure


Level 3: Anterior Dental Implant Placement

Tuition: $2,500

This session will teach the visiting dentist to plan anterior implant cases for optimal esthetic outcomes. The dentist will have a chance to assist for at least 3 surgeries and place at least 3 implants in the esthetic region. This session may include placement of bone graft and membrane at the time of dental implant placement.

Level 4: Immediate Implant Placement and Bone Grafting

Tuition: $2,500

This session will allow the visiting dentist to learn the challenging task of predictably placing dental implants into extraction sockets. The dentist will have a chance to assist for 3 surgeries and perform the placement of at least 3 immediate implants with bone graft and membrane. 

Per the dentist’s preference, they will also be walked throught the process of guided bone regeneration (GBR) on live patients with the visiting dentist performing the procedure. 

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