What is Implant Ninja?

Our mission at Implant Ninja is to help you become a "Ninja" too. We do everything in our power to make our learning resources to be as convenient and as helpful as possible. We care so much about your learning experience, its borderline crazy....scratch that, it is totally crazy. 

We care about our docs. And about helping you succeed on your learning journey. 

Dr. Ivan Chicchon

Our prosthodontist, and the OG Implant Ninja, is a prosthodontist by training. He started implant ninja when he realized that there were no good online resources out there for learning dental implant procedures. 

Aside from running his private practice, he dedicates his time to traveling to teach dentists implant procedures around the United States. He has been called upon to help train thousands of dentists in implant dentistry for large DSO organizations such as Western Dental and Heartland Dental. 

Now, however, he dedicates most of his time to teaching his students online and at his own hands-on workshops. 

Ivan and his little family live in Stockton, California. 

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