Implant Ninja 10 Point Story

I’m sort of in a sentimental mood, so I’d like to share with you a bit of my story.

Here’s some trivia to know about my life:

  • I left Peru with my parents when I was 2 years old because of terrorist attacks & Molotov cocktail explosions in front of my house (true story)
  • On Saturdays, my parents and I would go to a warehouse and stack newspapers for 1 cent per stack when I was growing up. My parents are super hustlers. Having immigrant parents has definitely skewed my worldview towards always being on the grind. When I told my dad about my online endeavors, he’s like, “Ivan, you just have to work.” While they definitely don’t understand the ‘4 hour work’ week mentality (LOL), they have shown me an insane work ethic that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do justice. My dad is super hard to impress. But, about a month ago, he told me that I’ve made him proud. That was a huge milestone in my life lol
  • I wrestled in high school. I was damn good too. I originally wanted to be a college wrestler. But I got a little distracted and sidetracked.
  • My favorite food is Pepperoni Pizza. I think it’s because the Ninja Turtles loved it so much hahaha!
  • In high school, I would drive around and offer $5 to anyone who would box with me. (I always had gloves in my car) That stopped when I accidentally broke my opponent’s nose and his parents took him out of school because they thought he was being bullied.
  • I was expelled from the same high school twice. Then I met the love of my life, Teresa, at my new high school! Funny how that works, huh? When I asked her out the first time, she said No! 😉
  • As a rule, I basically never follow the rules.
  • I would say I am a pretty lucky guy. Seriously. Good things just seem to happen if you plug in a lot of hustle and always keep on the lookout for good opportunities.
  • At 4 months in utero, we were told we should consider aborting our baby Olivia. We took it so hard. Instead, we did a super insane procedure to have her safely delivered. Olivia is the healthiest & strongest person I know.
  • Our family’s goal is to pay off my INSANE student debt, buy a Volkswagon bus and take off for 3 months to travel the country.
  • BONUS POINT: My favorite Pandora Station – Franki Valli and the 4 Seasons

Oops the baby just woke up. Catch you guys in the next post 🙂



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