Practical Hands-On Dental Implant Training

Our dental implant courses are designed to get you comfortable with placing and restoring dental implants in your own practice. Using a practical, step-by-step approach, you will start with the basics of implantology and build on these skills.

Our classes are taught in Stockton, California.

Can't make it to California for a course? Now you can take them online

The Hands-on All-on-4 Dental Implant Training Course

The All-on-X Training course is designed to make you comfortable with the steps involved in planning an All-on-X from diagnostics to surgery to prosthetics. This course is a full day class which includes lecture, hands-on denture conversions and prothetics steps, for acrylic and zirconium full arch prosthetics. If you have been wanting to start offering these big cases to your patients, you won’t want to miss this experience!

Key Learning Objectives

  • Careful Patient selection & case presentation
  • Treatment planning for predictable outcomes
  • Prosthetically-driven surgical planning on CBCT
  • Key surgical instruments and materials
  • Troubleshooting prosthesis fracture
  • Surgical follow-up and healing protocol
  • Make strong denture conversions
  • Step-by-Step Prosthetic Workflow
  • Troubleshooting bad implant angles
  • Make your prosthetics built-to-last
  • Learn a careful Step-by-Step approach
  • Learn to Manage & Avoid Complications

Sample Course Schedule

8:00-9:30 AM Treatment Planning Rationale

9:30-10:30 3D Imaging Evaluation for All-on-X

10:30-12:00 Practice Surgery and Full Arch Immediate Loading on 3D Printed Models

1:00-3:30 Hands-on Restorative Protocol (Acrylic, Zirconium, Pekkton)

3:30-5:00 Management of Complications

Tuition: $1,200

Dental Student tuition is 50% off

Dental Technician tuition is 50% off

Dental Assistant tution $200

Next Course Date: Jan 19, 2019

Location: Stockton, California

Implant Surgery Fundamentals 1

This course will set the foundation for your learning in dental implantology. Using both lecture and hands-on practice on pig jaws and implant models, you will learn all the basics you need to get started.

The goal of this course is for the clinician to gain confidence to place and restore simple implant sites in their own practice.

Top reasons to attend this course:
  • Learn good case selection leading to high success rates
  • Learn surgical planning in free BlueSky Bio software
  • Understand how to keep occlusion & cement from destroying your implants
  • Learn proper suturing technique around dental implants
  • Learn and apply tricks to maintaining better bone levels around implants
  • Become comfortable with reading CBCT for implant treatments
  • Understand how to decide when you should immediately load an implant
  • Restoring Dental Implants 101
Sample Schedule: 
  • 7:30AM Pastries and Coffee
  • 8AM Lecture (Patient selection, Medical Screening, Surgical Anatomy)
  • 11AM Cone Beam 3D Planning Workshop12PM Lunch
  • 12:45 Surgical Protocol Demonstration
  • 1:30 Practice Surgical Protocol on Pig Jaws
  • 2:30 Lecture (Occlusion & Maintenance Protocol)
  • 3:00 Restorative Protocol Demonstration
  • 3:30 Practice Restorative Protocol

Tuition: $690 – 8 CE Credits

(Dental Students receive 50% OFF)

Next Course Date: Feb 16, 2019

Location: Stockton, California

Implant Surgery Fundamentals 2

This is the continuation of the first fundamentals course.

In this class, we re-convene and pick up where we left off. We delve deeper into techniques and become more comfortable with treatment planning and troubleshooting.

In this session, you will learn the ins and outs of planning for the fully edentulous patient as well.

We go over implant cases that the attendees have performed in their own offices and offer suggestions for continued improvement.

Top reasons to attend this course:
  • Understand how to decide when you should immediately load an implant
  • Learn immediate placement of dental implants after extractions
  • Learn protocols for managing complications
  • Gain confidence in treatment planning for the edentulous arch
  • Learn how to design and use 3D printed surgical guides
  • Practice immediate temporization
  • Learn an algorithm for managing failing implants

Tuition: $1500.00 – 8 CE Credits

(Dental Students receive 50% OFF)

Next Course: September 22nd, 2018 

8 AM – 5 PM 

Location: Stockton, California

Implant Surgery Fundamentals 3

This third surgical course will help you to easily treatment plan cases ranging from simple to complex and to manage complications that arise.

By now, you will have placed several implants in your own practice and are invited to share your experiences during this class and discuss some of the difficulties.

Top reasons to attend this course:
  • Master treatment planning for complex and esthetic implant cases
  • Learn the nuances of immediate placement and immediate loading
  • Learn how to change implant angulation
  • Practice bone augmentation (GBR) techniques
  • Use various bone harvesting tools

Tuition: $1500.00 – 8 CE Credits

(Dental Students receive 50% OFF)

Next Course Date: Spring 2019

Location: Stockton, California

Are you a dental student ?

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Planning your Visit

If traveling from out of town, it is a good idea to arrive the night before the class so that we can get started early and get as much information into the class as possible. Here is some useful information for planning your trip:

Facility: Training takes place at Implant Ninja Dental Center located at 3555 Deer Park Drive Stockton, CA 95219.

Airport: Stockton has a small airport (Stockton Metropolitan Airport) close by. However, your airline might not fly here. The next closest airport is Sacramento International (SMF) which is 50 minutes north of our location.

Hotel: La Quinta Inn (2710 W March Lane) is a 10-minute walk from our facility. We can arrange a shuttle to pick you up from the hotel.

What to bring: Bring a pair of scrubs, a laptop, loupes, and something to take notes with.