In Office Dental Implant Training
Implant Surgery Coaching in your Own Office

Short on time? Want more personal attention? Let us come to you for dental implant surgery training in your own office. 

Benefits of Dr. Ivan coming to your practice:

  • No lost production!
  • Staff training
  • Online Implant Surgery Course INCLUDED (lifetime access)
  • Learn surgery in your own comfort zone
  • Cover tuition with the patient collection!
  • No Travel
  • 2 for 1 (You can also have a dental friend shadowing while you place implants)

For Single Implants...

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1. At our first skype consultation, we’ll introduce you to our Online Implant Course, which you will gain lifetime access to. This course will show you everything you need to know to prepare for placing implants in your practice. We’ll also go over case selection so you can start lining up your cases!
  • Step 2. When you have your cases lined up, we’ll have another skype session to go over each one and plan the surgery.
  • Step 3. You watch the surgical training videos in the Online Implant Course to prepare for your surgery day. 
  • Step 4. We have a full blown implant training day in your office with Dr. Ivan. He will supervise as you perform every surgery yourself. 

Having 4 implants lined up for that day would be ideal. Depending on your fees, the office may collect an average of $2,000 per implant which would be about $8,000 production for the day. This pretty much offsets your tuition!

In-Office Training Tuition: $7,500 + transportation costs

Or for Full-Arch All-on-4 Procedures...

All-on-4 implant placement

All-on-5 surgical procedure complete and ready for immediate loading

Here’s how it works:

  • Patient pays you: $20,000 for the All-on-4 procedure
  • Your tuition: $10,000 + transportation fees
  • Your lab cost: $3,000
  • You end up making about $6,500 

First, we discuss the patient selection criteria via facetime webinar chat. 

In our second consultation, we will look at a few of your patients and pick a good candidate.

Then, we’ll pick a date and fly to your office to walk you through the entire All-on-4 surgery and immediate load process. I bring all of the instruments, all of the implants and abutments, etc. The patient will have a new set of teeth that day.

This is an example of finished All-on-4 acrylic hybrid prosthesis. 

*I provide you with a copy of the All-on-X handbook as a reference for any complications and the restorative protocol. 

Prerequisite: You should already be comfortable with basic dental implant surgery and oral surgery procedures. 


7:30 AM We practice the procedure on a model and I coach you on the details of the procedure. 

8:30 The surgical procedures starts. Alveoplasty first, then implant placement. 

12:00 The immediate load conversion starts. I show you how to place the angled abutments, how to alter the denture, and how to finish the prosthesis. 

4:00 The conversion prosthesis is installed and the procedure is complete. 

Want to get started? Shoot us a message below!