Item List for All-on-Four Denture Conversion

I’ve been getting this question a lot recently so I decided to make a quick reference list for you. Below are all the items you need for a All-on-Four Denture Conversion. I wrote the components as if the dental implants are Nobel Biocare Active because that’s what I use. (The picture above is from my friend and fellow prosthodontist @derekgatta)

(This list is for the All-on-4 denture conversion process only. This does not include components used in the surgical aspect of this procedure. )


  • The denture (can be old one or a newly fabricated one. Make sure to take a bite registration with the denture before the implants are placed.)


  • Fast-set Pink Acrylic (to reline the prosthesis for the pick-up procedure)
  • Blue Mousse (to mark the intaglio of the denture for adjustment and to stabilize the denture before the reline if necessary)
  • Wax, teflon tape, or fast set pvs (to cover the access holes during the pick-up)
  • Rubber Dam squares (to keep acrylic from running onto the patients gums)
  • Soft Reline Material (just in case you are not able to immediately load the prosthesis)


  • Acrylic Burs
  • Lathe & Pumice
  • Joe Dandy (to trim titanium cylinders)

Implant Components (you will not use every item on this list for 1 procedure but you will be well prepared for several surgical outcomes)

  • 2x RP 30 degree multiunit abutment conical connection
  • 2xRP 17 degree multiunit abutment conical connection
  • 3xRP temporary non-engaging titanium abutment
  • 4xRP temporary titanium abutment for multiunit abutment
  • 2x NP 30 degree multiunit abutment conical connection
  • 2xNP 17 degree multiunit abutment conical connection
  • 3xNP temporary non-engaging titanium abutment
  • 4xNP temporary titanium abutment for multiunit abutment
  • 1xNP straight multiunit abutment
  • 1xRP straight multiunit abutment
  • 4xMulti-unit impression copings
  • 2xNP conical connection impression copings
  • 2xRP conical connection impression copings
  • 4xmultiunit healing caps
  • 4xRP conical connection healing caps
  • 4xNP conical connection healing caps

In an upcoming article, I will explain the All on Four denture conversion process step-by-step . But for now, I hope this list is a valuable resource for you in obtaining your dental implant components for the big day!


Dr. Ivan Chicchon

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