2 Day Hands-on Basic Implants Course


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Join us for our 2-Day Hands on course!

Next Course: August 16&17, 2019 (Lodi, California)

Live Course Outline

Day 1




Basic Flap & Suture technique

Demo and practice. You’ll learn the different flap and suture designs and their indications in implant surgery.


Simple placement posterior

Demo and practice. You’ll learn the step-by-step process for correctly placing an implant in the healed edentulous posterior site.


Anterior placement technique

Demo and practice. You’ll learn the nuances of implant placement in the anterior region for best results.

11:30-12:30 Treatment Planning 1

Case presentations on PowerPoint. Learn how to quickly treatment plan an implant case during consult using a CBCT image. Learn to read CBCT images for implants. We’ll look at several cases together and come up with a plan for each case.

12:30 -1:15 lunch


Skills test basic implant placement

Hands on test. Participant must show 2 perfectly done single implant cases in narrow ridge, and 1 perfectly done case in wide ridge.


How to correct angle/ position

Demo and practice. Participant must show they can change implant direction when the initial drill was placed incorrectly.

3:30-4:15 Treatment planning 2

Case presentations on PowerPoint. You’ll learn to treatment plan only from a pano and PA and quick clinical evaluation.


Intro to Bone Grafting

You’ll learn about basic socket grafting techniques and materials and get an glimpse into Guided Bone Regeneration protocols


Happy Hour/ Wine Tasting

Day 2


Restoring the implants

You’ll learn tips for taking easy and accurate impressions and ther restorative pearls.

Hands on practice for impressions.

Discussion of occlusion, abutment selection, and crown material selection.

9:30 – 11:00

Complications management

Learn how to manage osseointegration failure. How to manage post op pain, non-esthetic results, how to remove broken screws and failing implants. How to manage difficult shade matching.

(Hands on practice with screw & fixture removal tools)


Planning Overdentures

Lecture, hands on practice on models, complications, placing the attachments

1-2:30 pm

Free Practice

You’ll have the opportunity to practice whatever technique you want and to get feedback and instruction from me.


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