What Our Students Are Saying

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Dr. Malcom Schealer

"This course was extremely comprehensive when related to the All on x surgery, conversion, and restorative phase. I finished it feeling prepared and ready to take on my first All on X case. Ivan did an amazing job making complex techniques and treatment simple and easy to understand that it transcends across all dental clinicians.

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Dr. Forest Quick

"Great experience! Ivan made this course very easy/seem very real especially by not editing out any trouble shooting/complications that came his way and that he overcame! Best part was seeing how to manage complications!"

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Dr. Shane Wingler

"Awesome way to dip your toes into all on x from A to Z. Easy to understand, good demonstration in videos, and great tips to put to use."

"Definitely the place to start your Implant Journey!"

Dr. Richard Witty

"Simply amazing implant course!"

Dr. Henry Jackson Jr.

"Strong recommendation if you're looking to begin your implant journey. Well worth the investment"

Dr. Anthony Adams

My favorite thing in the world is to see that our courses are actually turning into real clinical success. After taking our course, this student sent me a DM in Instagram showing me their first implant placement!

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"It was very simple and intensely elaborated course. I will definitely recommend it."

Dr. Amin Mikashfi

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"This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to place and restore dental implants. I highly recommend this course and specifically enjoy the at-your-own-pace platform, it being available online or on my phone at any time, and the depth of the material that is presented."

Dr. Joshua Heyrend

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"The course was great I have experience with implants and only a few all on x under my belt and this course was very helpful in so many areas from treatment planning to pricing and what to do at each appointment."

- Peter Lovejoy