Hi, I’m Ivan. I’m a surgically trained prosthodontist focused solely on dental implant procedures.

I have a passion for sharing ideas and helping colleagues, such as yourself, learn more about dental implantology. (If you’re a patient, you’re probably looking for the website for my dental office. Here’s the link: www.drivandds.com )

I run a dental implant continuing education program out of my office and create educational materials, such as the book I wrote “The All-on-X Handbook” – which is a step-by-step walkthrough for full arch dental implant rehabilitation.

I hope you find this site and resources useful. Best of luck on your learning journey.


Ivan Chicchon

Video: Pt 3 of How to Make Fixed Implant Denture Series

I finished the next video in the Fixed Implant Dentures series. The series offer a step-by-step approach in how to make fixed implant dentures (aka All-on-Four, implant bridges, etc--there are so many names for this). This video discusses: - How to make and contour...

Nobel Active Implant Surgical Kit-Parts Explained

This video explains each component of the Nobel Biocare Active surgical dental implant kit. I've been using the Active system for the last 3 2 years and have had some good results with it. I also use the Neoss system, which...

Oh Snap! Perforated the Sinus during implant placement

How maxillary Sinus Membrane Perforation Affects Implant Survival and What You Can Do About It Does Sinus membrane perforation mean lower success for implants? We all know that one of the main components of implant placement is to measure the amount of bone height...

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Placed dental implant too close to the IA Nerve!

"Help! I placed a dental implant too close to the IA nerve!" This is not an uncommon thought for a dentist placing dental implants in the posterior mandible. Sometimes, it is not clear on the panoramic image exactly where the Inferior Alveolar nerve is. Other times...

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How to convert an All-on-4 Immediate Load Denture

Hey guys, As promised, here is the step-by-step walkthrough of converting an All-on-4 denture. In my upcoming ebook, The Implant Ninja All-on-4 Handbook, I will cover this process in more depth and will discuss different approaches & materials, and most...

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All-on-Four Complications: Part 2

  This is a continuation of The All-on-Four Complications Part 1. Again, I'm not writing this to scare you off from this treatment. I am not saying that I don't believe in this treatment. On the contrary, I think it is a fantastic solution. However, I would like...

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All-on-4 Complications: Part 1

Full Arch implant bridges (All-on-4, permanent dentures, etc) are a wonderful thing. They quickly turn around a patient's self-confidence and get them back on track with their diet and overall health. I have had a very positive experience providing my patients with...

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The Importance of Lip Support – Part I

Someone asked me the other day, "What is the most overlooked aspect of All-on-Four Dentures?" By and large, I think the answer is lip support. Too often, after hearing a patient say they want "permanent dentures" the case is hastily planned as an All-on-Four case. The...

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