Guided Bone Regeneration

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Been wanting to add GBR to your tool belt?


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I feel your pain.

Learning the GBR process can be daunting....



• You feel uncomfortable taking on cases because the treatment can be complex

• You feel like you need to take a ton of CE courses just to get started

• There's no one-stop shop to learning how to manage these cases

(Here's Your Secret Weapon)
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Concepts are explained in a simple to understand way, like as if we were having a beer together.


Short, to-the-point videos explaining the concepts


Easy to refer back to right before an appointment

Inside Guided Bone Regeneration

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Step-by-Step Surgical Technique Videos


Treatment Planning Tips

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Learn the Tools of the Trade

What Docs Are Saying About Implant Ninja

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"Dr. Chicchon is so helpful with both his course and even helping outside of the material. He made the material very easy to understand. I remember feeling so overwhelmed in school and thinking I was never going to do this. Thanks to him, I will start placing implants."


Mark K.

"Very well-organized, easy to understand and systematic course! The material provides a solid foundation for dentists like myself beginning their implant journey. Highly recommend Implant Ninja and Ivan!"



"Definitely the place to start if you are looking to incorporate implant dentistry! I even had experience with placing implants during my residency, but felt like I needed more. I also really appreciated their accessibility and willing to help whenever I needed it. Top notch customer service. Definitely plan to take future courses!"

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